SLAC Fibers

Our garments have been described as soft, luxurious, durable and comfortable, hence "SLAC", and there's a reason why.

The SLAC garments are made from 100% premium cotton that is combed and ringspun. This provides best-in-class softness, sheen, and durability; this isn't a basic cotton fiber. Because we produce premium garments, we chose combed ringspun cotton due to its benefits and final result.

The process is more expensive and time-consuming; however, we wanted to provide a long-lasting garment that remains soft. Combed cotton goes through some extra processes before the yarn is made; it is unsurprisingly "combed", which means it brings all the fibers parallel to remove any short fibers, so only the longest, finest fibers remain. This gives the garments their lovely feel and a high sheen. Also, because the fibers are longer and stronger, this creates a more durable rope-like yarn that creates a longer-lasting garment.