About Us

Fire Kai is a premium brand made for life's endless adventure, focused on mindset and lifestyle. So whether you're taking on the day or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Fire Kai is there to help you achieve your greatest goals. With our DNA rooted in the Islands and tied to the Mainland. Our gear and apparel are a vessel to remind you and those around you that we're all "Ohana/Family," and through this bond, we are one.


Taken from the elements, Fire Kai was born of fire yet flows like water. Kai means Water/Ocean, Recovery, and Warrior depending on the origin, all of which brought inspiration to our mantras. We are a brand that believes in its people and their undying spirit. Life is plentiful full of never-ending adventures, and we want to be there with you, to help you rise up and push further every time. We focus on high-quality, purposeful products that not only seek to be good for you but also for our great blue planet.


The Mindset & Mantras

"Go beyond the horizon"

We believe inside everyone has a desire to seek, be curious and pursue that which isn't easy. The adage with challenge comes our greatest achievements is something that the dreamers, adventurers, and storytellers know all too well. But, we must go beyond, for the horizon is merely a new beginning. 


"Move Past the Barrier"

As it has been said before, the obstacle is the way. Overcoming barriers in our path many times affirms that you're on the correct path. Moving past the barrier at hand will lead to greater success, and perseverance becomes strength. Barriers should never stop you, but they may define your greatest achievements if you never surrender. 


"Push On"

When others give up, be the reason you succeed. We've all hit "the wall" in our life, but the most bitter-sweet moments come when we push on, try new things and get outside our comfort zone. You'll never stop growing if you continue searching for the unfamiliar.


"Pack Adventure"

Home is where the heart is, so is adventure. You are the adventure, life is the adventure, and it's what you choose to make it. So pack adventure every day, life is always worth living, and it's the adventure that reminds us of this.


"Reach New Heights"

There is no ceiling on life, no cap. The sky is the limit, they say.. of course, that's only true until you're in the sky. If you can retain this, you'll realize that mastery is never attainable, but the pursuit of it never ends. We are never finish learning; life has no limit, nor do you.


"Be the One"

Be different, be a rebel, create change and be unique. As individuals setting the pace and tone for others, you can make the world a better place. The slightest variation you create can change the world and benefit us all. So we urge you to be the one every day; we are the dreamers of dreams.


"Rise Above"

Around here, we talk about being able to "Rise Above". We mean, do more, be more, be an example, and lead by example. True character is what you do when no one is looking; however, sometimes it's even harder to do the right things when you are in the spotlight. When those times come, we must remind ourselves to evolve, help others grow, and rise above.


Final Thoughts 

We hope to meet you on this journey - one love, one world, one big adventure. 

— Fire Kai